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The Durability of Marble Tables

How many dining room tables have you owned in your lifetime? It can be frustrating to buy a new item of furniture, only to have it scratched up in a year or so, by children, pet’s claws, or just utensils or dishes.

Some people don’t want to spend much money on a table knowing that it won’t look its best in a year or two. But cheaper wooden tables don’t last all that long either.

Hence, your endless circle of buying new furniture, only to have it fall apart. The good news is that we have the perfect solution for you. We offer cream marble tables for sale that not only look elegant, they are durable too!

Why Is It So Easy to Scratch Wood?

Wood is soft and it doesn’t really make sense that it can be scratched so easily, considering its purpose. They put varnish on it to protect the surface but that’s still easily scratched and it quickly wears away.

You can put a tablecloth or placemats onto your table but that kind of defeats the purpose of its looks. That’s why a marble table makes more sense.

Why a Cream Marble Table is Better

Marble is a harder density, and has a hardness of 3 on the Mohs hardness scale that is used in geology and gemmology.

This means that items that are equal or above that scale can scratch the surface, while softer items can’t. Wood is actually so soft it doesn’t even have a spot on the Mohs scale, perhaps -10 if we really think about it. As long as you care for your marble table and mop up any acidic spills (the same as for a wood table) then it will last you a lifetime.

Where Can I Buy a Cheap Cream Marble Table?

If you’ve hesitated in buying a marble table in the past because you’ve seen the horrendous prices, then put that worry aside.

We offer a solution for much cheaper marble tables for sale here on our website at Marble Tables UK. Our sub category is marble dining tables, so you can search various listings from different marble manufacturers who are eager to clear out old stock for new.

You can also shop for marble table with bench for sale or with chairs. This gives all buyers a chance to buy a quality cream marble table. And if you’re worried about delivery, don’t, as each company offers a shipping solution to get that table to you quickly and safely.

Just have a look at our website to see how affordable our tables really are!

If you’re ready to upgrade your dining room then search for a marble table with bench for sale. This style is handy if you have younger children. If you want chairs, you can find those too.

Whether you want to fully redecorate your dining room, or you simply want a new dining set, your dining space will look fresh and new with your durable but elegant new cream marble table with bench or chairs.