Carlotta Entertainment Unit for TVs up to 78″


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This Carlotta Entertainment Unit for TVs up to 78″ offers you plenty of storage space and features a modern, timeless colour scheme. It’s simple to assemble and is notable for its high-quality quality.


  • The LED lighting is not included.
  • Wall mounting brackets are not included.
  • A qualified professional is required when mounting furniture to the wall since dowels corresponding to the wall are required for this.

Product Details

  • Material: Manufactured Wood
  • Adjustable Shelving: No
  • Assembly Required: Yes

Cabinets Included

  • Number of Cabinets: 5
  • Number of Interior Shelves: 4

An Entertainment Unit That Adds Style to Your Living Room

Do you dislike that old brown wooden style of entertainment unit? You’ve probably just placed your TV on an end table and called your living room done.

But what do you do with the DVD player, router, and speakers? Do you have DVDs and remote controls all over the place? An entertainment unit can keep your electronics and accessories all tidy and organised, but you probably don’t want to sacrifice your room’s interior design aesthetics. But there is a solution.

The Carlotta entertainment unit is just what you need to store your electronics, but to also provide an elegant design style to your living room or recreation room too.

What Is the Carlotta TV Stand?

The Carlotta television and entertainment stand actually includes a few different items of furniture that you can arrange the way you wish.

The unit consists of four interior shelves, and five cabinets that are installed on the wall or floor that can hold your TV, router, players, speakers, and other items, such as a record player, CDs, and more.

The Carlotta entertainment unit is made in a dark marble-like grey finish. It’s not actually made from marble, because that would be too difficult to ship to you (and expensive!), but you can have the same cool marble-design style of the real stone.

What Are the Details?

 The Carlotta TV stand holds TVs that are up to 78 inches wide, or smaller. You can buy the stand even if your TV isn’t that large, because in the future you may want a larger TV.

The TV stand is made from a manufactured wood product. Assembly is required. You’ll get five cabinets and 4 interior shelves in the entertainment unit kit.

You can add additional features to your Carlotta entertainment unit, such as LED lighting.

You will need wall mounting brackets for all the shelves, should you decide to use all the items of furniture in the unit, or want to install the box-shelves up on the wall, rather on top of the elongated stand.

This entertainment unit can be set up in many configurations, with TV on the left, the right, or in the centre. You will need a qualified professional to install the TV stand onto the wall.

Where Can I Buy This Handy Entertainment Stand?

If you’ve viewed the photos and enjoy the idea of a different type of stand, the Carlotta TV stand can be found on our Marble Tables UK website, which will direct you to a sales listing of the Carlotta Entertainment unit.

If you prefer to shop around a bit, you can enter in your search terms and you’ll be presented with a set of listings to browse through.

If you want to tidy up your living room and set up a proper entertainment unit, now is the time to shop for the Carlotta entertainment unit.

Once you have it set up, you’ll have plenty of room to add speakers and other accessories so you can relax and enjoy your shows!